Prince Albert is the third largest city in Saskatchewan. With a population of 42,000, the City is a regional service center for approximately 150,000 people. The community is the last major center before entering the northern boreal forest and ‘Land of 100,000 lakes’. The area was traditionally known by the Cree people as ‘Kistapinanik’¬†-“The gathering place” or “Sitting Pretty Place” and continues to be the gathering place for events and celebrations. The City is well known for its performing arts and entertainment community, nurturing world renowned artists such as: renowned opera tenor Jon Vickers, award winning country music fiddle player Donny Parenteau, the famous Joni Mitchell, Gemini-nominated Andrea Menard, the Sheepdogs guitarist Leot Hansen and up and coming Colton Crawford (Dead South).

The Borealis Music Festival will be held annually for 3 days in August (Friday July 31st to Monday August 2nd, 2015). The Festival will be of a desired quality as to attract visitors and performers from local, regional, provincial, national and international markets. It is the intention of the organizers to market the Festival to visitors that expect a quality experience and that the event will generate a high impact to the community by way of increased destination awareness, community collaboration and socio-cultural benefits.

The three day event will play host to multiple performance venues and workshops. The main festival site will be Kinsmen Park situated in the heart of the City. Additional venues will be distributed throughout the City making use of both privately owned and public facilities.

Event Date

July 31, 2015 - August 2, 2015

Event Time

16:30 PM - 16:30 PM

Event Location